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Do I need planning permission for a TED Garden Room?

The good news is that if the garden room falls within permitted development guidelines then garden rooms do not require planning permission.

What is permitted development for outbuildings?

There are a few criteria to take into account, primarily your property must be a house, as flats or maisonettes, for example, do not qualify. If you own an older property, it can also be helpful to check to see whether a change of use has been granted in the past. As permitted development rights may not apply in some circumstances where a change of use has previously been granted. If any part of your property is classed as listed, then full planning permission will be necessary. Garden Rooms generally fall under Class E of permitted developments and as such cannot take up more than 50% of your garden area, this includes other out-buildings which currently count towards this figure.

If there is sleeping accommodation within the garden room, will it still fall under permitted development rules?

No, in order to fall under the class E permitted development rules, it cannot be classed as self-contained living accommodation. This means that there can be no sleeping accommodation in the garden room. Planning permission would need to be applied for.

What is the maximum allowable height for a garden room to fall within permitted development guidelines?

To classify as a garden room under permitted development rules, it must be single storey with a maximum eaves height of 2.5m. Although this is the maximum eaves height, the shape of the roof and the location of the outbuilding are also. important factors. In normal circumstances, a dual pitched roof can have a maximum height of 4 metres while any other type of roof is limited to 3 metres. The exception to this is when the building is within two metres of the boundary of your property when the overall height is restricted to 2.5 metres. Additionally, no TV or Satellite type aerial can be fixed to the Garden Room without planning permission.

Can I place my garden room anywhere within the boundary of the property?

To qualify as part of your permitted development allowance, the garden room must be located behind the main front wall of the original house. I.e.. As it was when it was first built or on 1st July 1948 if an older property. If your property is in a National Park or a conservation area, then you will not be able to build to the side of your property without planning permission. Any garden room built more than 20 metres from your property will also need to be less than 10 square metres to fall into the permitted development guidelines. If the garden room has raised decking this can be no higher than 300mm. Planning permission is generally required for verandas or balconies. There can be no antenna without planning permission. If your property is in an area with an Article 4 direction or other restriction (listed status), then planning permission may apply.

Can I sleep in a Garden Room?

If you wish to sleep in your garden room then you will need planning permission as this changes the use of the building.

Can I have a toilet In my Garden Room?

Whether it's a garden office, a multipurpose room or a garden gym, typically you can install a toilet. Building regulations do apply. A wastewater connection will usually require signing off by building control

Do building regulations apply to Garden Rooms?

Building Regulations can be complicated but primarily they are defined by use, size of building and location. Typically, most of our customers do not need to meet them but each customer should consider their own individual circumstances and ensure that they do not use the building in a way that requires building regulations.

If you want to put up small detached buildings such as a garden room in your garden, Building Regulations (except Part P for Electrical works) will not normally apply if the floor area of the building is less than 15 square metres internally and contains no sleeping accommodation.


  • Building Regulations do not usually apply unless you intend to sleep in the Garden Room.
  • Only Garden Rooms with an internal floor area under 15 square metres can be installed close to any rear boundary. (We require a minimum working space of 400mm around all 4 sides of the building.)
  • Over 15 square metres and up to 30 square metres needs to be a minimum of 1 metre from any boundary.


This guidance applies to planning regulations in England only. Policy for Scotland and Wales may differ slightly please check with your Local Authority.

If you have any doubts about any of the points raised please check with your local planning authority. We also strongly advise you to read the permitted development guidance for householders on the Government website or the Interactive Planning Portal.



What are the benefits of running my business from a garden building?

Did you know that over half of all small businesses in the UK are run from home. With the Covid-19 Pandemic this figure is already rapidly increasing.

The benefits of running a business from home are obvious.
1) No rent to pay for premises,
2) No commuting expenses,
3) More time at home,
4) A better work life balance,
5) Control over your environment.

Although there is an initial cost for your garden building, this can be offset by no longer having to pay rent for your premises. Below is an example of how the costs compare.

  • A typical loan of £20,000 with an APR of 3% would be monthly repayments of £359.01 over 5 years. If your rental of premises were £500 per month, this would be a saving of £140.99 per month!
  • In addition to this, savings can be made on commuting too! For example, commuting costs of £25 / week would be additional saving of £100 per month!
  • As well as saving money, it is well reported that working from home, especially in a garden building not only adds value to your home but also gives a better work-life balance.

Can I claim corporation tax or VAT for my garden room?

Did you know that your garden building may qualify for tax and business benefits too? To be eligible for tax and business rates your garden building must be a ‘moveable object’ and not a permanent structure that requires planning permission. In such cases you may be able to offset the cost of your building against corporation tax.

In addition to this, if your business is VAT registered you will be able to claim the VAT from the purchase of your garden building in your business’s quarterly VAT return. Please note that the above is merely provided as guidance and every case is different and further advice should be sought e.g. a trained accountant or professional financial adviser.

Do garden rooms add value?

A garden room is a very worthwhile investment, not only does it add value to your home but it provides a very versatile space for you to use, whether this be working from home, using it as a gym, a hobby room or a social space to relax in with family and friends. As our garden rooms are fully insulated, they can be used all year round and with the many options on offer you are able to tailor your design and finish to meet your requirements. There are numerous links within the BBC and from Property Price Advice portals.


Do I need to provide anything for my garden room build?

Your garden building needs to be on a stable level base such as a concrete base, slabs or the innovative ground screw which is included in most TED Garden Rooms. Small deviations in the level can usually be overcome using ground pads. A site survey prior to installation will give a clearer picture of what is needed. We must be able to have full access to the area where the garden building is to be sited to be able to transfer materials and to erect the building whilst following health and safety guidelines. We also ask that you provide welfare facilities for our employees when they are installing your garden building. This simply means access to a toilet, hot water, hand washing and drying facilities. Where this may be an issue, we ask you to discuss this with us so that a solution can be found. Access to an electrical supply is also required. There must be a minimum working space of 400mm around all 4 sides of the building. This will also ensure that there is adequate room for necessary future maintenance, including application of any timber treatments.


Are garden rooms warm in Winter?

Our garden rooms are well insulated and meet the requirements for new build houses so are designed to be used all year round. Adding heating will of course give additional warmth on cold days.

Can I have underfloor heating in my garden room?

Yes! We have a solution for underfloor heating with a range of thermostats to compliment your chosen system. Our team will provide further information of this during your design consultation.

Can I soundproof my garden room?

Yes! In addition to our standard plasterboard finish you can choose to upgrade to Soundproof plasterboard which is certified to BES 6001 achieving a rating of ‘Very Good’.

Can I have solar panels fitted to my garden room?

Solar panels can be installed on just about any roof but how they are mounted will differ dependent on the material and roof. We would suggest a system where the solar panels are weighted down on their frames thereby avoiding the issue of screwing through the EPDM membrane. Please check with your solar panel provider for further guidance and support regarding how effective they would be, how many you can have and how they would be mounted.


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